Collapsible reel

The Ankele - collapsible core collapsible reel allows a quick and easy change of a wound coil.

The collapsible reel may be fitted to various drives without any problems by using the flange-adaptor (standard).

By opening the front folding element (adjuster), the coil-core diameter uncocks and allows a quick and easy taking of the complete coil. Via the clamped width-setting element at each reel-element, the designated coil width can be set.

The collapsible comes with a centrally beared core-adjustment. By opening a clamp lever between adjusting-disc and mounting ring, the two discs can be turned against each other using the provided grab handle. Thereby the coil-core can be easily adjusted. A scale shows the current diameter of the core.

Technical Data

max. coil weight app. 35 kg
coil core Ø 240- 530mm continuously adjustable
max. coil height 230 mm
coil width Version 1 250 - 400 mm
coil width Version 2 150 - 300 mm

Copryright: Ankele Kunststoffmaschinenbau, Maulbronn


Copryright: Ankele Kunststoffmaschinenbau, Maulbronn