• Transverse saws and precision saws

    Transverse saws and precision saws

    The saw programme includes standard and precision saws with hood.

  • Cutting Unit / Guillotine

    Cutting Unit / Guillotine

    A new design for our mobile cutting units (guillotine) for hard or soft profile without steel reinforcement.

  • Punching unit type STE 1-80

    Punching unit type STE 1-80

    In addition to our extrusion following program we extended our product range for a punch unit type STE 1-80 running along to punch into plastic profiles a oval or round hole with a maximum diameter of 15mm.

  • special machines

    Sondermaschinen und Vorrichtungen für die Extrusion

  • Assembly-Set UNF 1/2

    Assembly-Set UNF 1/2

    The assembly set is used to make 1/2 "-20 UNF threaded probe bores in tools, adapters or flanges made of uncured and / or alloyed steel grades

  • AMF - machine-stands

    AMF - machine-stands

    AMF - machine-stands are standard build in steel St 37 solid, galvanize with blue chromatin. All machine-stands inclusive adjusting nut complete assembled.

  • Cooling and calibrating systems

    To complete our machine and installation programme we also design and manufacture custom-made, ready-to-instal cooling and calibrating systems.

  • Collapsible reel

    Collapsible reel

    The Ankele - collapsible core collapsible reel allows a quick and easy change of a wound coil.

  • Complete Extrusion lines

    Complete Extrusion lines

    Extruders and downstream equipment enable us to offer system-solutions from a single supply source.

  • Extruder


    Ankele extruders and co-extruders with CMG or flat gearing, for fluoroplastics, rubber and silicone extruders, recycling extruder, laboratory special extruder

  • Coilers

    Ankele Coilers

  • haul-off units

    haul-off units

    Nachfolgemaschinen zum kontinuierlichen Abziehen von extrudierten Profilen, Rohren, Schläuchen, ummantelten Garnen und Fasern, Granulaten, Vollstäben und CFK-Produkten

  • Tilt tables and roller tilting tables

    Tilt tables and roller tilting tables

    Ankele tilt tables can be delivered in lengths up to 6000 mm.

  • Cutting Unit / Servocutter ASC

    Cutting Unit / Servocutter ASC

    With this Ankele machines ASC 20 and ASC 50 we extend our proven machine program within the range non–cutting separation from plastic / rubber profiles, tubes, optical waveguide cables etc.

Copryright: Ankele Kunststoffmaschinenbau, Maulbronn


Copryright: Ankele Kunststoffmaschinenbau, Maulbronn