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self-sufficient cooling tank

Upon request, we will produce a cooling tank tailored to you and your applications for connection to an existing cooling water system or for self-sufficient operation with the appropriate cooling device.

From models with the most flexible options such as transverse/longitudinal and height adjustment to simple cooling tanks, we realize every customer request


Main Co-Extruder variant

With pleasure to respond to your wishes and plan a suitable machine together with you.
Currently we were able to optimally implement a customer request, so that e.g. a space-saving main co-extruder variant has been created in the extruder, in which the co-extruder is arranged flexibly and space-savingly above the main extruder.

Other special features in this machine are:

Main Extruder: - Compact, stable U design with integrated control cabinet for main and co-extruders
                            - rotating and swiveling operator terminal with Ankele machine control AExSim
                            - Rail scaffolding with heavy-duty prism rails as longitudinal adjustment
                            - grooved , cooling or heating granulat inlet bush
                            - flange and gearbox cooling unit

Co-Extruder:    - easy to set up thanks to compact gear drive with Ankele pressure bearing
                           - User-friendly tool holder thanks to the hinged flange
                           - Heated deflection head
                           - rotation, swivel and height adjustable machine holder 

Main Extruder with Co-Extruder
Main Extruder with Co-Extruder

cooling and calibrating bath type VKB

Vacuum calibrating bath VKB 5000  : -  four vacuum-cambers in one tank with a integreated spray cooling system 
                                                                    - a drip-off / blow-off camber at the end of the tank
                                                                    - two atomatic vacuum pumps
                                                                    -  a tank lengthways-transverse and height adjustment via handwheel with
                                                                       Position Counter
                                                                    - a roller-rail System for the axial movement of the cpl. machine                  
                                                                    -  a quick-Change filter at the cooling water inlet for clean process water
                                                                    - two additional water pressure pumps to increase the process water pressure
                                                                      and supply the spraing nozzles
                                                                   -  central process water drain

VKB 5000-2VN95BluLine
VKB 5000-2VN95BluLine


Mini belt haule off BAp350-100-2A

Ankele "Mini" belt haule off type: BAp 350-100-2A with pneumatic pressure assistance "AIR-Lift" in new "OPEN" version.

With his contact length of 350mm and a standard width of 100mm, the machine can quickly and easily become an important component in production and laboratory section. The operating range of the machine includes the removal from eg the production of flat films or smaller profiles in thermoplastic rubber or rubber industry and the supply of semi-finished or intermediate products in the sheathing

  • by the mobile base frame with height adjustment, the machine can be brought into any position or line level
  • which in setup work and when the safety door is open, flexi or small profils can be easly inserting or supplying to the belts
  • the two coated continuous bands in the standard deduction quality natural rubber are also available as NBR or PU belts and can easily be replaced.
  • via one inlet an one outlet guide, the product is still performed  
  • by the adjustable pressure support "AIR-Lift" from the upper band could be even sensivite profils carfully haule off
  • the protective housing from the bands be pivoted upward
  • on integreated switching and control cabinet are installed all control and operating elements as also the pneumatically instruments

In option request the machine BAp 350-100-2A  can also delivered in desk version.

Our team of experts is available for all types of questions concerening the product range of our high end machinery. We are looking forward to answer whom.
Mini belt haule off BAp350-100-2A 
Mini belt haule off BAp350-100-2A
Mini belt haule off BAp350-100-2A 
Mini belt haule off BAp350-100-2A
Mini belt haule off BAp350-100-2A 
Mini belt haule off BAp350-100-2A

Copryright: Ankele Kunststoffmaschinenbau, Maulbronn


Copryright: Ankele Kunststoffmaschinenbau, Maulbronn