Single Screw extruder for fluorpolymer

This extruder machines are suitable by your special equipment and characteristic for the processing of nearly all extrudable fluoroplastics such as PFA, FEP, PVDF, Teflon etc.

important Ankele - standard fluorine art off equipment are:

  • The standard extruder comes with all elements integrated in the extrusions process. (hopper, material inlet, tool connector etc. manufactured from an corrosion resistant steel, or  covered with a protecting layer of metal)
  • The cylinders are build in a corrosion resistant steel while using an inside plating from a special bi-metal layer and( Inconell 624 or Hasteloy) 
  • Assigned screws are generally manufactured from Inconell or Hasteloy
  • High performance ceramic heating bands
  • Exact temperature controller with spec thermo sensor and a optimal control engineering


  • Special flanges for tool etc. from special steel
  • Heating bands isolations, outside lying, or in the coat
  • Special material inlet etc.

Inquire in your special case, we advise you gladly.

Copryright: Ankele Kunststoffmaschinenbau, Maulbronn


Copryright: Ankele Kunststoffmaschinenbau, Maulbronn