Single screw co-extruder with flat gear

Co-extrusion is gaining economic significance because multiple solutions are possible in only one production line. Ankele co-extrusion extruders have been developped with special regard to co-extrusion. We offer the following designs:

  • Bench version
  • Column version each with separate control board
  • Frame version with integrated control board

The extruder can be used either horizontally or vertically when mounted onto the UVC-column. It can be turnded by 360° and is inclinable by 90°. Its short design is space-saving. 

The mobile HZD-column can be turned by 360° and is inclinable by 15°. Both columns can be easily adjusted in height by means of a screw spindle with hand crank. 

Screw design 

Nitrided steel 1.8850. Other materials on request. 


Thyristor-controlled direct current motor with tachogenerator and infinitely variable adjustment. 


Silent and robust spur gear to the drive shaft with integrated pressure bearing.

The main unit of all extruders can be delivered with degassing or  shear and mixing parts. Length adjustment: on rollers or rails. The output depends both on the tool dimension and the material. In each case, please check up on exact output data.


Copryright: Ankele Kunststoffmaschinenbau, Maulbronn


Copryright: Ankele Kunststoffmaschinenbau, Maulbronn