Single screw Extruder AE 1-45-33-6-E ( with degassing zone)

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AE 1-45-33-6-E Recyclingextruder 
AE 1-45-33-6-E Recyclingextruder
temperature zones 
temperature zones
machine number 01060
machine type AE 1-45-33-6-E
manufacturer Ankele
year of construction 2015
condition NEW

technical data

  • screwØ:  45mm     length:  33.D
  • Degassing opening: 1 piece 1,5.D 
  • heating zones: 4x cylinder (3x cylinder 1x degassing, ceramic, with fan) 6x tool
  • heating power cylinder: 17kW
  • gear:  Helical gearbox with integrated thrust bearing
  • drive: 30kW  AC- drive, encoder controlled
  • Machine Control: Ankele-Siemens PLC type AExSim generation 2016 new
  • mass pressure: 1
  • Mass Temperature: 1
  • temperature sensors: FeCuNi type J

Single screw recycling extruder as a main machine suitable for the processing / regranulation of polyolefins without fillers which are to be degassed during the melting process to improve the melt quality

Plant / machine equipped with:

  • one Ø45 x 33.D Smooth-tube spraying cylinder made of nitrating steel 1.8550 0.5mm edge layer nitrided to 850-900 HV, with a 1.5.D long degassing opening and corresponding degassing plug.
  • a three-zone screw with a shaving part, a decompression zone for degassing, and a subsequent barrier part for optimizing the melt in the discharge zone
  • a 30 kW controlled AC drive motor directly coupled to a Helical gearbox and back pressure bearing
  • a Ankele - Siemens machine and plant control system type AExSim-12 of the latest generation for controlling the installed 4 piece cylinder zones as well as a further 6 tool zones, 2 adjustable drives and other switching conditions directly on keys for eg speed-constant drives or units such as pumps or similar. Mass temperature monitoring, mass pressure control, process data acquisition, recipe data and much more.


  • Liquid ring vacuum pumps or dry vacuum pumps
  • Separation containers
  • Melting pumps and / or screen changers
  • software engineering modifications for, eg. melt pump control
  • Tool connections and adapters
  • granulating heads, and so on

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Copryright: Ankele Kunststoffmaschinenbau, Maulbronn


Copryright: Ankele Kunststoffmaschinenbau, Maulbronn