Single screw extruder Ø 45 - 120 with flat gear

This series is an excellent supplement of our ideal range of single screw extruders and is available in various capacities from 40-700 kg/h.

Reliable Mechanics

We understand that quality and profitability are the priorities of your production. The combination of modern, state-of-the-art technology with proven, simple, and reliable mechanics is a guarantee for economic efficiency. The series AE 1-45 to AE 1-120 belong to the class of compact, high performance extruders which will deliver raliably in a highly competetive and difficult market.

Quality is no coincidence!

We design and assemble all essential components in our own production facility. We only use units and components of leading manufacturers – the implifies the best assurance for a constantly high standard of quality.

Cylinder/Screw - Design and Construction

Each Ankele extruder has a screw geometry which is best suited to the material to be processed. We use screws which are either nitrided, coated or of hard alloy. The material is low in wear and tear and has a long service life. Due to a special design the screws can be ejected either forward or backward (on request). 

Drive and Gear

Ankele - extruders are equipped  with modern encoders guided three-phase AC drives. The robust, continuously variable, transmission is quiet and transmits the torque directly to the screw. A wide range of gear ratios allow to adjust the screw rep. speed. At extra cost, Compact gear drives or gearless torque drives are available. 

Controls and Process Automation

We manufacture all electronic controls for extruders and downstream equipment in our own facilities. All levels are feasible: from central control board to fully automatic process controlled equipment. Products from other suppliers e.g. wall-thickness measuring devices can be integrated into the control process. When purchasing hardware we only use quality products from leading manufacturers. Our controls can be adjusted to your existing equipment.

Service and After Sale Service

Whether a purchase results in a long-standing partnership depends largely on a satisfactory service. In case there are dificulties, our qualified service personnnel will be available at short notice. We will maintain and take care of your equipment on a regular bases recorded in a maintenance contract with us.

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Copryright: Ankele Kunststoffmaschinenbau, Maulbronn


Copryright: Ankele Kunststoffmaschinenbau, Maulbronn